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Analysis of a Room-mate


The Devlin

Class L



A scientist, blonde hair, lab goggles, and eyeshadow to match the shirt she’s wearing underneath. At the dorm, she diligently reads her books and scribbles in her homework, and unabashed, asks a tutor and other friends to help when she does not understand Chemical A from Chemical B. Five-syllable words are everyday ones in her vocabulary, and at ten syllables, she barley bats an eye. She dresses to impress; whether it be the chemicals or the boys around them. To her teacher, she is a professional. Tall, beautiful, smart. Bright blonde hair, shining eyes hiding behind the clunky goggles, white lab coat adjusted to fit just so, the length of the coat barley able to cover the long legs that hide underneath.


But when the schoolday is done, she takes off those goggles, the lab coat falls to the ground, and she looks at the phone that’s been buzzing in her pocket. Her eyes light up. A smile that turns into a grin. It is the boy. But when she gets back to her room, she discovers that the boy has not done all that he’s promised. Her world shatters.


I return to the room to find a hurricane has blown in and out. Things are strewn about, a full roll of paper towels even finding their way under my bed. Cups half-filled with milk are on the desk, a bag of chips rest comfortably on her bed. I wonder. The subject sits on her bed, furiously texting, and looks up to explain the situation to me.

The boy has not been honest, has not been true. And here the perfect professional scientist sits, shaking, the protective layers torn off her in one fell swoop. She begins to snoop, and records every time the boy has talked to a suspicious person. A piece of paper sits next to the computer, where she looks and writes furiously. Everything furiously. She shakes, she cries, she talks, she types, she thinks. Furiously.


I back away slowly. A word floats through my head. She’s done worse to him, without him knowing. She’s betrayed him many, many times, but when he starts ignoring her for another girl, suddenly nothing is fair or unfair. It is just her rules. The Devlin has been doing this for three years now, and I cannot help but think that the subject cannot see her mannerisms. I do understand the feelings, but obsession can go a long way. The intensity of the subject and its obsession is enough to make one back away. A force we can only call “karma” has gripped this subject, and is squeezing tightly.


Follow-up observations will have to be made.




C. Wells

Writer's Block: Scorching day

On a scorching day, do you prefer the beach or an air-conditioned movie theater?
Definitely a movie theater. I don't want to go to the shore if it's blazing hot- that's just asking for crowds and trouble. I'd rather be in a movie theater, escaping the heat and the outside world for an hour or so. Besides, after the movie you can go for ice cream, and when you go home, there's nothing to put away, and any "fun showers" won't involve sand! Hahaa. Personally, I prefer the beach when it's a 80-85 degree day, when you can feel the breeze and still lay down and enjoy the sun without looking like a lobster in an hour.

Writer's Block: Three-day weekend

Do you prefer to spend a three-day weekend chilling at home or hitting the road?
It really depends on who's with me. If I get kidnapped, I know I'm gonna have a good time, but if I get dragged out canoeing or something with my parents, you know I'm not gonna have fun.

Writer's Block: Home Remedies

When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?
When I feel like crap, I really like to curl up in my nice, warm bed... and a lot of times, if I have a bad headache, a nice cold, wet washcloth against my forehead always makes me feel better. Also, depending on my mood, nice soft music or listening to podcasts always takes my mind off things.
What's your fantasy "geek" tech accessory?

So I looked through everyone else's answers first... and here are the ones I think are awesome (and why):

I would love a device that recorded my dreams, so I can re-watch them- hugglesgirl
I totally agree with this answer. I keep trying to record my dreams when  I wake up and if I remember them, but that always seems to last for only a few days. I would love to have a dream journal, and being able to watch them back would be awesome.

A Macbook that is the same size as my 13" Macbook, but is made entirely of flexible material so that I can roll it up or fold it up AND not have to worry about it breaking if it falls.- jennschiffer
Dude. A laptop that you can fold into teeny tiny pieces? Friggin awesome, man.

a holodeck--you know the ones from the Star Trek Universe.- graygale
Oh my goddd! I'm such a Star Trek geek and I didn't think of this?! I totally LOVE holodecks!!!

Easily applied stickers that have a tracking device and a number. Then, I can have an inventory thingy that matches each number to the item. And when I lose my crap, I can always find it again!- it_will_cook
Dear god. I definitely need this.

i want a cell phone i which i can talk into to text.- trnoffthelights
That would be AWESOME!

Virtual reality capable of running fanfic.  I would probably never come out again.  lol- kelios
Dear lord. I can already think of a fan fics I'd put myself into!

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?
Haha... let's see. I'll actually have to bring up iTunes for this.

1. Rose [Some Say Love] - 114 times
This song was probably played the most when I had a really bad week. My soul was lost, my body wandered during the night, and my mind could no longer handle normal life. Somehow I got through my classes that week, and I must admit that wandering the campus at night did seem to fit what my soul was feeling.

2. How to Save a Life- 40 times
Admit it, this song is good. Best known from Grey's Anatomy, this song is sad and sweet, and I recommend it.

3. Chase This Light- 39 times
Okay, it's sad, it's sappy, but yeesh! it's good, so leave me alone.

4. Calling You- 37 times
The song of me and ...the man I love.

5. Time to Pretend- 30 times
Awesome song. Good for that kind-of-disconnected mood, I've listened to this song plenty of times on repeat while walking home.

6. Working Class Hero- 29 times
Dude. John Lennon. Covered by GreenDay. Can this song get any better? NO!

7. Can't Take It In- 29 times
From the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack, this song is a beautiful thinking song, and always helps me carry the inspiration when it hits me.

8. Russian Dance from The Nutcracker- 27 times
It's fun. =)

9. Hallelujah Chorus from The Nutcracker - 26 times
Can anything else be better for a celebration / accomplishment mood?

10. Firefly Theme- 25 times
A theme from a show I highly, highly recommend! Firefly is a show about the adventures of a bunch of space outlaws, fighting against the evil Alliance, and doing anything they have to in order to stay alive. But unfortunately for Captain Mal Renolyds, there's a fugitive on board... and her brother happens to be a brilliant doctor, who's managed to convince Mal to help keep them safe.

Writer's Block: The sound of inspiration

What type of music inspires you?
 Classical: either John Williams, Harry Gregson-Williams, Klaus Badelt, Hans Zimmer, and Alan Menken. Who rocks.